Wardrobe Labels

Wardrobe Labels

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Wardrobe/Clothing Labels

  • Labels only - Containers not included.

    • X- Small Size; Up to 3cm H x 6cm L
    • Small Size; Up to 4cm H x 8cm L

    • Medium Size; Up to 5cm H x 12cm L

    • Large Size; Up to 6cm H x 15cm L
  • The wording of your labels is up to you, but limited to 2 words.  Longer wording will appear smaller, to fit into the average length
  • Please let us know the wording you require.  Please also ensure you check the spelling, as we will cut the labels to the words given.
  • Materials - Vinyl decals made from a premium waterproof material, however, please ensure they are hand washed only and are not microwave or dishwasher safe.
  • Application Instructions will be included with your labels.  Please ensure you follow these carefully, as refunds/replacements will not be offered for incorrectly applied labels.We recommend you apply your labels within 14 days of receiving them to achieve the best results.