Champagne Glass Labels

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Holding an event or celebrating a special occasion. Our Champagne glass labels are perfect.

  • Labels ONLY - Containers not included.

  • Label Size; Up to 4cm H x 9cm L

Please note the sizing above is a guide and may vary due to font selected and length of wording. These are maximums. 

Our labels are suitable for an array of Champagne style glass brands.

The wording of your labels is up to you, but limited to 2 words.  Longer wording will appear smaller, to fit into the average length. Multiple words of 3 or more will be stacked. Please let us know the wording you require.  Please also ensure you check the spelling, as we will cut the labels to the words given.

Materials - Vinyl decals made from a premium waterproof material, however, please ensure they are hand washed only and are not microwave or dishwasher safe. Application Instructions will be included with your labels.